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To best serve your needs, we provide temporary and temp to perm Healthcare Staffing Services in the state of Maryland

Specifically, we provide per diem RN and CNA talent (specializing in geriatric, urgent care, ICU, and weekend & night shift services) at clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, medical centers, and hospitals.

Why Work With Us?

High Level Soft Skills Training

  • Research from the National Soft Skills Association reports that 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills
  • It’s easy to provide talent with competency on doing the job, but we take it a step further to ensure that they perform in excellence!
  • The MFactor employees undergo periodic soft skills training courses that pertain directly to our performance core values!

24/7 Response

  • We don’t make you wait. We know that especially in healthcare, time is of the essence!
  • We always make ourselves available on our 24/7 hotline.
  • Get to speak to an actual representative so we can service you faster!

Thorough Background and Competency Checks

  • No need to worry about the credentialing and reputability of our employees. We’ve got it handled!
  • Not only do we conduct mandatory drug screenings and criminal background checks, but we check references and administer competency checks
  • We promise that our talent is certified and well-suited for your job openings!

Career and Professional Development Provided to Employees

  • Our talent is one of our most treasured assets and we care for them accordingly
  • Not only do we provide them with assignments, but we have their best interest in ensuring that they are satisfied and thriving in their careers!
  • In turn, this will produce happier and more motivated talent for you!

Team Trainings to Medical Teams 

  • It has been reported that 49% of Hospital units don’t coordinate well with each other
  • Thus, we extend ourselves as resources to teach on topics such as Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management!

Problems We Solve

  • Not Only Functional Talent, But Exceptional Talent as a Result of Soft Skills Training and Career Assistance by a Certified Career Services Provider
  • Aligning to Your Company’s Culture While Adding to Workforce Solutions
  • Thorough Screening Process

Benefits of Working With Us

  1. The Opportunity to Gain Reputable Talent without Payroll Expenses
  2. Allow for us to take all of the costs and hassles off of you and your organization. Just receive the reputable and remarkable talent we offer!
  3. Comfortability As a Result of our Detailed Screening Process
  4. At The MFactor, we are extremely thorough and employ processes such as drug screening, TB testing, criminal background checks, reference checks, licensure and certification verification, and education verification.
  5. Garnering Access to Hidden Talent
  6. Our employees are true diamonds in the rough and hard to find due to their combination of high competency and employability skills.

Why We Are Needed

  • We lower your payroll, training, and insurance expenses
  • Leverage the ability to adjust your workforce as needed
  • You get to participate in a “trial” of prospective full-time employees
  • We allow for time and energy spent on hiring and recruiting to be directed elsewhere in the business
  • You will receive quality and qualified candidates based on our onboarding system
  • Save money on hiring and training by potentially hiring unsatisfactory employees
  • Fill your job openings quicker and continue to provide value!

Interested in learning more? Please fill out our Employer Request Form and we will swiftly be in touch with you!

Student Career Pathing Workshops

We empower professionals and business owners to connect, engage, and thrive. Yet, we also enable young minds to think, dare, and achieve! Willing to allow our staff to host an interactive, engaging learning experience so that they are better equipped to champion their future careers by defining their story, deciphering their purpose, and dominating their success? We’d love to present at your next session! We will not only provide tested life lessons but tangible learning materials to reinforce information that can be taken home by participants! Examine our programs below:

#CareerGoals: How to Start Your Career Path at a Young Age (for high school students)

#CareerGoals: How to Start Your Career Path at a Young Age (for college students)

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Keynote Speeches

Have an audience or organization that needs to inspired by real life success on LinkedIn? Willing to allow our founder to host an interactive, engaging awareness experience so that they are more knowledgeable on growing their businesses by driving revenue, building brand awareness, and establishing thought leadership? She’d love to speak at your next session! Examine her topics below:

Relationships N2 Revenue: Using Social Selling on LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

#SocialSelling: How to Drive B2B Lead Generation on LinkedIn

#SocialSelling: How to Drive B2C Lead Generation on LinkedIn

#TopofMind: How to Build and Maintain Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

#FlyHigher: Landing High Quality B2B Clients on LinkedIn

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