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For Professionals

Be catapulted into your new career opportunity by highlighting your most standout accomplishments and your “MFactor”!


We’ve helped place professionals of various ages and backgrounds into companies such as:

Though the goal of a résumé is to land an interview, we’d like to think that we could help propel you into your dream career opportunity, as well!

Allow for us to not only list your duties for each role you’ve had, but bring forth your true strengths and competencies through the following:

Inclusion of ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Industry Keywords

The goal is to know and incorporate the keywords needed to push you through to hiring managers. Our software enables us to extract those keywords and incorporate them in an efficient manner!

Employer-Friendly Formatting

We incorporate the correct amount of white space, good margin space, all the while making it aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. Also, we involve a “pop” of color, a good use of underlining, italics, and bolding, and more!

Achievement-Based Summary Statements

The average amount of time that an HR professional spends on a resume is six seconds and we not only want to make every second count, but get you to the interview! We write a powerful personal branding statement that proves you to be the most suitable candidate for the role that you desire

Don’t hear it all from us, though. View some of our client testimonials below!

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“I would highly recommend Mariyah! She was very efficient and helpful! She was so personable and really broke my resume down so I put my best foot forward before my graduation for my masters! Within a week of receiving my resume back I have had some interviews already just before I relocate! So thanks Mariyah!”

– Erica Scott, Keyholder at Theory
“5 stars! I used Mariyah’s service to update my resume for an application to graduate school. Mariyah quickly responded to my request and scheduled an introductory meeting where we discussed what I needed. She then worked my request and provided a quick turnaround time for the edits. I was very impressed with the edits and Mariyah offered to make any additional edits as needed. I’d recommend her to anyone! Btw- I got into the graduate school of my choice!”

– Jonathan Stearns, Executive MBA Student
“I have known Mariyah for over 3yrs, and in all our interactions, she has always exhibited outstanding professionalism in her line of work. Its no surprise therefore, I reached out to her a few months ago to help with my resume review and critiquing. The insights and advice she offered on our 1-on-1 call helped me not only come up with a brand new and attractive resume, but pointed out certain personal attributes and strengths that would help me in any conversation with potential recruiters. Her command and knowledge of industry trends and current best practices helped me land my next opportunity with my current employer. I am grateful for her feedback and assistance, and will continue to reach out to her in my career. Thank you Mariyah!”

– Admonish Deda, Project Manager at Adventist Health

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Highly indexed in Google, your LinkedIn profile sets the stage for your future career opportunities! LinkedIn makes up about 94% of recruiters who scout for candidates. Thus, the LinkedIn profile is the landing page for when business owners are looking to impress prospects enough to want to work with them, job seekers who would like recruiters to contact them for interviews, and for thought leaders to gain more gigs! This service is for jobseekers and package includes the following:

On Site Headshots (optional)

On Site Video Production (optional)

Keyword Research and Inclusion

Vanity URL


Photo and Banner




Skills and Endorsements

Up to 10 Publications

Up to 10 Licenses and Certifications

Up to 10 Courses

Up to 10 Projects

Up to 10 Honors and Awards

Up to 10 Patents

Up to 10 Test Scores


Additional Features:

  • Review and Edit Session (30 minutes)
  • Suggested Groups to Join
  • Multimedia to Include
  • Certifications to Include (LinkedIn Learning)
  • LinkedIn Job Search 

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Cover Letters

Cover letters are used to stand out from your competition when applying for career opportunities. Whether it is a required portion of your application or an opportunity that you really have your heart set on, allow for us to serve up the best appetizer before your main course – your résumé – to human resources professionals!

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Professional Biographies

Whether you are applying for graduate school, receiving a high profile community award, or making a presentation at a nationally recognized conference, your professional biography matters to us! Your story should be told in the best light and presenting your academic and professional experience, interests, and accomplishments in the best manner possible. Allow for us to craft your story in a compelling, inquisitive way!

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In terms of employment, we provide temporary and temp to perm Healthcare Staffing Services in the state of Maryland

Specifically, we provide per diem RN and CNA talent (specializing in geriatric, urgent care, ICU, and weekend & night shift services) at clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, medical centers, and hospitals.

Additionally, we provide the following outside of employment:

  • Career Coaching & Professional Development
  • Career Writing (Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn, Thank You Letters)

Why Work With Us?

  • Competitive Pay and Referral Bonuses  
  • When you become an employee of ours, you get to enjoy a good pay rate based on the standards of Prince George’s County, Maryland! We also compensate you for bringing us new talent!
  • Located in Metro DC
  • You are able to work in various facilities and enjoy working about 30 minutes from Washington, DC and beyond
  • Ongoing Soft Skills Training
  • The unique thing about us is that we don’t just send you out to work and that’s it. We thrive on excellence and mandate that our employees to do the same. Enhance your outcomes by diving into trainings pertaining to customer service, teamwork, and more!
  • Career Pathing and Mentorship Program
  • Need an extra push in your career? Look no further. We do not leave you hanging. As a career services-focused organization, we will aide you with your career pathing and development. Our five step process in our five program consists of the following:
  • Defining career goals while identifying career interests
  • Conducting an informed, thorough job search and action plan with personalized strategy
  • Assembling and preparing a revamped career readiness arsenal
  • Building an effective network for job seeking process
  • Gaining direct access to at least two recruiters and job openings
  • Schedule Flexibility and Meaningful Full and Part-Time Opportunities
  • Get to work full-time or part-time while building up your resume!

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