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The MFactor, LLC is a professional career writing consulting agency that assists working professionals, college students, recent college graduates, and those looking to re-enter the workforce with high quality career documents. The company provides résumé writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and thank you letters. Also, The MFactor aims to help others find, grow and retain their “MFactor” (professional niche) while promoting economic growth in addition to women’s empowerment and youth enrichment.

When the founder was in her undergraduate years at Morgan State University, her peers constantly sought her advice for their résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interviewing skills, and the like. Once Mariyah began assisting her peers for their professional successes, she began to form a passion for career writing and pathing. From those experiences, she birthed The MFactor LLC on January 2, 2018.
Adjacently, the meaning behind the company name is surrounded by the mission of the company. The MFactor is a play on words based on the phrase, the “it” factor, in which the business aims to individually promote the “it” factor in its clients’ professional lives. Instead of the word “it”, the letter ‘M’ was placed in front of ‘Factor’ based on the founder’s first name (Mariyah), symbolizing how everyone should put themselves first in their endeavors.

The MFactor aims to provide stellar, professional career development services to its clients by utilizing advanced technology, quick delivery, and robust procurement of clientele’s gifts and talents. As a Mid-Atlantic based business, we believe that our dedication to assist clients in finding, growing and retaining their “MFactor” (professional niche) will drive profits and growth. Lastly, The MFactor also values community involvement through youth enrichment and regards its employees as its prized assets.

To become the Mid-Atlantic’s leading professional career development consulting agency for professionals, to grow and maintain brand loyalty among clientele, and to indulge incommunity involvement through youth enrichment.


Integrity – honesty and professionalism are essential to life
Resilience – perseverance renders great results
Dutiful Efficiency – working smart, not hard, with accountability
Excellence – either doing it right or not doing it at all
Uplift – paying it forward inspires lives that you never knew existed

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