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We are also more than happy to present on résumé writing, professional development, networking, and more! Some of our previous engagements and partners are as below:

“My wife and I came from Bel Air to the Job Fair at Maple Springs Baptist Church looking for a job for me. The drive was around 60 miles one way but the long drive was absolutely worth taking. We were both surprised when we found that the event was much more than a Job Fair. The event included excellent workshops about the process of finding a job. Among the excellent talks your workshop stood out. You are obviously knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. It was also clear that helping people is one of your highest priorities. I have 30 years of Research (University of South Carolina, Princeton, National Institutes of Health) and additional 13 years of teaching at a Maryland University. Having this experience I can affirm that your presentation was at the highest profession level. You took a step by step approach to Resume building, answered questions and exemplified at each step, both verbally and with visual props. You asked the participants questions to see if the information was registering and fielded questions in a way that was clear and meaningful. As a professor I recognize the ability to bring the information to a level accessible to everybody in class, simple without being simplistic.”

Dr. Mark Chachich

Allow for us to teach powerful, engaging material to your audience in a relatable, powerful way! We would love to send reputable, well-versed speakers to your upcoming event!

By working with us, you will see the difference in what your audience learns by how their approach to their careers, sales prospecting, and overall professional strategy!